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Something Beautiful

It was another day on my job.
I was working as a Construction Manager for a large residential building company in Houston.

Everything seemed to be fine until as I was walking out of one of the houses I was building, and I got very disoriented.

For a brief moment, I thought I was in another house in a complete different subdivision.

I took me a couple of minutes to figure
what street I was on and what subdivision it belonged to.

Later that day, I realized why I didn't enjoy the work I was doing. Building cookie cutter houses on look alike subdivisions, didn't require much creativity.

That thought kept bothering me for few days.
In the back of my mind I had a voice telling me,
life was about to kick my behind out of my comfort zone.

When I told my wife about opening my own shop, she fully supported the idea. She even 'volunteered' to be my partner.

Several years after, it's easy to see how everything
was getting aligned for me to go on my own.

Fortunately, I have developed strong relationships
with many vendors and trades all over the city.

My main objective was finding new customers
in a space I enjoyed working on.

On my mind, I kept repeating,
"I just want to build something beautiful."

It took me almost two years to figure a business model that allowed me to work in the best interest of my customers at the same time my work was consistently unique.

I ended up creating my own design process,
estimation model and building process from the ground up.

Now, I live my own vision every time a customer writes a check with a smile on their face, or refer me to their family or friends, and even more when they write one, two or even three positive reviews online after we finish one project.

It is a big responsibility, taking a family's dream and making it
a reality in the form of a beautiful home.

Our Company

Compared with many other custom home companies, we are relatively small.
By design, our operation is limited to a handful of projects per year.
We keep really close eye in all aspects of our home construction.

We work with our full focus.
You can expect to have personalized experience when working with us.

Our Core Values

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We care

We care about your home,
as if it was our home.

We care about your investment,
as if it was our investment.

We care about the quality of the final product,
it defines our reputation.

We care about creating long-term relationships
with our customers.

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We're Green

Our engineers, architects, and designers pursue practices that will lead to environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible operations.

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We Save

We serve our clients efficiently. We focus on careful planning and disciplined execution. We aim to become your best choice for your residential projects.

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Open communication is at the heart of Brivenca's customer experience. We focus on client communication and education from the very beginning so there are no surprises.

We will assist you in every detail, including selections of materials, design, quality and other decisions so that no detail is left unattended.

"A vision is like a dream,
it will disappear unless you do something with it."

-Simon Sinek

Strongly recommended. Edwin Brito is a fantastic contractor. Organized with great attention to detail, he is easy to work with and puts a lot of thoughtful effort into his work.

We did a major renovation of a 102 year old house (complete gut and rebuild of the kitchen, half bath, and master bathroom, plus we knocked off a back wall of the house to expand our kitchen eating area and added on an office).

Bridget Gorman
Home owner

I hired Edwin to help with construction management on my new build.Of all the persons I interviewed, Edwin was by far the most organized and helpful, with very specific and practical advice.

In addition to helping with process, he has also brought sub contractors to the project if needed and helped with communication.I would definitely recommend Edwin to help with your project!

Chris Grow
Home owner

I came across Brivenca Builders and decided to take a chance and hire them to do the job.It was a 2600 sq.ft. home in a high rise building and we completely gutted it and rebuilt it.Fast forward one year, and we have now completed t̶h̶r̶e̶e̶  five projects together.

Edwin and his team are professional, timely, meticulous, and very easy to work with.I have always been able to rely on them to manage, and get the job done, and done right.

Krish Arora
Home owner

We called Edwin Mr. Organizer/Perfectionist, because that's what he was from day one. We upgraded our kitchen, living room and master bathroom, and everything came out EXCELLENT!

He took the time to listen to our needs and wants and to explain pros and cons of all the possible ideas. He was also very transparent and honest at every step whether it was about the budget or the schedule.

Jinhee B.
Home owner