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Our customers look to work with us when they need a experienced partner who can help get their residential project built.

Usually, we get involved very early. Often this is even before buying the lot.

We help our customers avoid the common mistakes
that bring unnecessary delays or extra cost to the project.

Many of our customers, it is their first time building a custom home. Most of them want their homes to last for generations.

We spend plenty of time to understand their needs and expectations to figure if we are a good fit. If so, we get involved in Architectural, Interior Design, Engineering, and Construction Management.

This whole process may take from six months to a year. We become very good friends with our customers. We strive to build last-long relationships.

It's common to think custom homes are supposed to be built perfectly. The reality is: every custom home is different, every location is unique, and the homeowner's budget/goals/likes blend is in every case, very distinct.

Many people think this is supposed to be a straight-forward process. Think about it, when designing and building a car, an iterative prototyping and testing stage is included. Still they manage to make many mistakes that end up in accidents and subsequent recalls.

In the custom home building process, we can't prototype. We can't test. It has to be designed and built right, in one try.

Hundreds of small decisions are to be made along the way, and many different types of materials are supposed to work together.

Making the right decisions to control temperature, humidity, air flow, electricity, illumination, sound properties, and ensure durability requires a very particular set of skills.

Here is where we shine.

We hold our customers by the hand through the whole process of getting their
dream custom home design and built.


Our team works together to combine their talents and expertise to provide you with superior experience at every stage of your custom home or remodeling project.

From planning and design to construction and project management, we ensure each detail is carefully coordinated to deliver a beautiful custom home.

You can enjoy peace of mind, knowing your home will be in good hands from start to finish.

We do more than construction,
lifestyle best way possible.


After being involved in the design and construction of over 75 custom kitchens, more than 150 unique bathrooms, and many many different kind of buildings,there is an intuitive design intelligence that naturally develops.It's not easy to explain, but evident in each one of our projects.


In the building stage, nothing substitutes a great team with a good leader.

Clear detailed plans, itemized budget, realistic schedule, and efficient communication are the 4 key elements we put in place on every project.

Here is where we do our magic.


For some of the our prospect customers we can't serve as contractor due to location or timing, we get involved as consultants.

We often help sorting out design, and technical aspects of your project. Our expertise comes handy to prevent problems, refer qualified professionals, and ensure high finishes at a reasonable cost.


Strongly recommended. Edwin Brito is a fantastic contractor. Organized with great attention to detail, he is easy to work with and puts a lot of thoughtful effort into his work.

We did a major renovation of a 102 year old house (complete gut and rebuild of the kitchen, half bath, and master bathroom, plus we knocked off a back wall of the house to expand our kitchen eating area and added on an office).

Bridget Gorman
Home owner

I hired Edwin to help with construction management on my new build.Of all the persons I interviewed, Edwin was by far the most organized and helpful, with very specific and practical advice.

In addition to helping with process, he has also brought sub contractors to the project if needed and helped with communication.I would definitely recommend Edwin to help with your project!

Chris Grow
Home owner

I came across Brivenca Builders and decided to take a chance and hire them to do the job.It was a 2600 sq.ft. home in a high rise building and we completely gutted it and rebuilt it.Fast forward one year, and we have now completed t̶h̶r̶e̶e̶  five projects together.

Edwin and his team are professional, timely, meticulous, and very easy to work with.I have always been able to rely on them to manage, and get the job done, and done right.

Krish Arora
Home owner

We called Edwin Mr. Organizer/Perfectionist, because that's what he was from day one. We upgraded our kitchen, living room and master bathroom, and everything came out EXCELLENT!

He took the time to listen to our needs and wants and to explain pros and cons of all the possible ideas. He was also very transparent and honest at every step whether it was about the budget or the schedule.

Jinhee B.
Home owner